Sunday, January 27, 2008


On September 24th at 8:43 we welcomed Owen Daniel Gardner into the world! There was a lot of support and his cousins were there anticipating his arrival. He was 5 lbs 15 oz and 18" long.

In 06' Alyse did the mini tri-athalon by herself. Last year she tried to con anybody and everybody that she could, to do it with her and Danny took the challenge. They did so awesome! First swimming followed by biking and then running. Way to go!

In March Lauren and Rene got Married!! They had their dinner at Los Hermanos. The ceremony was held at a neighbor's house of my parents, and the reception was held at another neighbor's house.

On July 8th Alyse and Alysen turned 24! We celebrated with our family by going to Sunday brunch up at Zermott resort in Midway. Of course our mom made us our "Barbie doll" cakes that she has made for us every year since we were little girls. They are always wearing a new creative dress every year!

On June 30th Danny turned 26! We had our annual baseball game at the park. Tracy's vs Gardners. Gardners won! This year the Tracy's need a come back.

In May we got to go to Hawaii for Danny's Christmas present from work. His work sent us earlier than his co-workers since I was going to be delivering Owen when they went in September.

We went with my parents and stayed a week on Kauai and a few days on Ouahu. It was a lot of fun!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas 2007

We spent the week before Christmas up at a condo near Powder Mountain with the Gardners. We went snowboarding and sledding one day, but mainly just lounged around. As you can see below, we also reinacted the Christmas Story, starring Owen as baby Jesus.

Once we got home from the condo, we spent Christmas morning with Alysen's family, then met up at the Gardners to do presents with them.

Below are a few videos of Owen playing with his first Christmas presents.