Sunday, November 15, 2009


This year for Halloween Owen and Grandpa Tracy were PIRATES!

We had a weekend full Of HaLLoween Adventures...

Halloween Party At G & G Tracy's
Aiden: Ironman, Andre: Thriller M.J. Jackson: Darth Vader, Whiteny: Biker chic,

Shay: cheerleader, Owen: Pirate

Owen loved the painting pumpkin project.

Trick or Treating at the Mall! I thought this was going to be a nightmare, but since we got there an hour before it was supposed to start, it was so much fun! We cruised through in an hour and just before the crowd hit.

We had to stop at the dinosaur playground and hit the slide a few times too.

Just as we were leaving we ran into our friend AVA! What a pretty princess

Reaping the benefits of hard work.

Party at G & G Gardner
Danny threw himself a costume together right when he got to his parents house. Thanks to his dad who still had his old Springville basketball attire.

Daisy: Angel, Jackson: Turtle, Annie: Genie, Ruby: Unicorn, Bode: ninja, Owen and Lane

Playing games

Ward Halloween

Cowboys and unicorns

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Has anyone else gotten in touch with their frugal side and tried couponing like I have? I must say at first, I felt like a cheap O! But now I absolutely LOVE it! My mom has always raised me as a "bargain shopper", but I never really thought about doing it with groceries. The deals that you can find, and free stuff you can get will definitely keep me couponing for life!! Some of my favorite sites to check out are and If you are new to couponing it does take some time to figure out, but hang in there. You are basically combining your coupon with the item you want goes on sale in the ads. The more coupons you have the more stuff you can stockpile. I would love to help anyone with questions, and would love to hear some comments from anyone's deals.
If you are not into couponing and you get the Sunday paper, I would love to take your coupon inserts off of your hands!

Baby Girl Names

I still have 3 months to think of a name for this baby girl. Currently she is nameless. I have come up with a few things, but nothing that I am just absolutely loving. Does anyone have any Fabulous, kindof Original names, but nothing too weird? Chances are if you do have a fabulous name, you are holding on to it for your future child. I understand. My husband is not a big fan of giving a girl a boys name. I on the other hand I don't mind. Here are a few of the names, please feel free to vote on your most favorite from my current selection.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fire Station and Hee Haws

My friends little boy Jaxon had a field trip for preschool to the fire station. His grandma is actually his teacher, and since they love us so much :) they invited us to tag along!
Here we are checking out the Helicopter.
Owen was so excited, but tried to contain it, when he got to help fire the hose!

They gave out cute little firemen hats, which Owen would not wear. They gave all of the kids stickers, whistles (ya), popcorn and cotton candy! Owen got his love for popcorn from his daddy!

Say Cheese!


We went to Hee haws this past Monday night for family night, thanks to Danny's aunt Kathy who invited us! It was a lot of fun, but turned very cold. First we went on a trick or treat hay ride through a field. They had dressed up characters throw candy into our wagon.

Next Danny and Owen went on a farm animal train ride.

Then onto a freezing, but fun twirl/swing ride. Owen was so cute on it.

Then to the jumping haystack!

Then we went to pick out our pumpkin. Since Danny carried it all the way back to our car, it is now considered "daddy's pumpkin."

It was so cold we were done. As we went to get our hot chocolate and donuts Owen spotted the big slide on top of a huge hill that you have to wear a potato sack to go down. He wanted to go down so bad that he cried and screamed all the way to the car. Finally I said okay, daddy will take you one time, but you have to wear your hat. He said "ok, one time" wore his hat, went down the slide and was as happy as ever!


My baby is 2! And so far it has been my favorite age. Yes he is a little terror, but he also says and does the funniest and sweetest things. I especially love how he is always saying "Thank you mommy", or "sorry mommy" followed by "Huggies" and he gives the biggest hugs. I love you Owen.

We Met up with G ma and G pa, Alyse and the babies for breakfast at one of Owen's favorite hang outs... Mickey D's.

Later we went and got owen his balloons for the party! It was fun getting them home.
Some of Owen's cousins, Aiden, Andre, Jackson and Shae!
Time for the pinata!




Time to blow the candles out on the cake! We had to keep relighting the candle because Owen kept blowing it out before we could finish the birthday song.

Owen got spoiled from all of the party guests with lots of toys! Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last week we went to St. George with Danny's family! They rented a house that had an air hockey table, that Jackson and Owen dominated while we were there. It was so cute to hear them say things to each other like "Nice, Jackson" and "Nice, Owen" as they hit the puck back and forth to each other.

We went swimming with the Callaway's on Monday since we all stayed an extra day. We found this mini water park that the kids played in for a while.

The house we stayed at had a pool with a small diving board. Owen was very adventurous on this trip!

Owen's cousins Annie, Daisy and Bode were jumping off of the rocks and into the water. Owen did not want to miss out so he made his dad do it with him.
Later at the pool Owen slammed his head on the concrete. We realized on the beginning of our drive home when he started vomiting and vomiting that he may have a concussion. His pediatrician told us to stop at the nearest ER, which was in Fillmore to get him checked out. He had a CT scan and luckily nothing serious had occurred. It was a rough rest of the ride home with Owen vomiting every so often, but we were definitely blessed that things weren't worse.

My friend Stacey and I took our boys to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Surprisingly Owen was afraid of the cows, horses, sheep and most of the animals. I didn't even attempt to take him on the pony ride since he was being so funny. So maybe next year...

After a day of checking out the animals sure made us hungry. Yummy fry sauce! Who needs french fries, right Owen?