Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Yeah, I'm back on the blogger wagon! I was tagged a couple of weeks ago so here it is:

Random Facts

  • I see/talk to Alyse (my twin sister) every single day!
  • I hate going to sleep alone. Hey, I've had a buddy since the womb.
  • I went to Vegas two years in a row for new years eve (99' and 2000') with my friend Jamie and her family. We went to go hang out with Harry Connick Jr. and his fam. It was a blast! VIP service anyone?


  • getting up at 5:30. If I don't start my day with exercise, then I'm thrown off. I love, love, love it.
  • Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, sad but true, I love it too!
  • Wish I could say some t.v. show, but not a huge t.v. guru. I was kind of getting obsessed with Hereos. I'll start back up.
  • JCW milkshakes. Plain ole' strawberry is my fav right now, but they are all good.
  • nothing really right now.


  • Right now the big scary/exciting step of putting a hair Salon in my house!
  • Getting OUT OF DEBT. I hate money. (and love it)
  • To get Owen walking. He is almost there. For sure it will happen before his first birthday next month. He's already into everything, I don't think it can get much worse.
  • To decorate my house. This one will take time. Gotta get rid of that debt first, or simultaneously.


  • I'm afraid of swimming in the ocean.
  • Definately someone close to my dying.
  • Owen growing up too fast.


  • Both of our families
  • Doing nothing but being together
  • Refer back to obsessions
  • Reading a good book/magazine if I have time to.
  • My job as a mother and hair stylist
  • Growing up in the church, and having the gospel to keep me on track. My life would probably be utter mayhem without it. I am truley blessed.
  • Sleep.
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