Thursday, September 25, 2008


Happy Birthday Owen! I can't believe my baby is already a year old. Time goes by too fast. We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party! I dressed him up as Mickey, he was so adorable!

My Mom and I made the cakes, which took forever.

Grandpa T. and Ow

Daddy and Owen

The Party People, dining on pizza, salad and breadsticks

Alisha & Jack, Joan, Bode
Brooke, Ruby, Lonnie and Grandma G.

Lane and O

Cousins: Braxton, Jackson, Bailee, Baby Jackson, Whitney, Shae, Brinlee
Owen, Daisy, Ruby at top, Andre, Aiden and Bode. We were so sad that cousin Annie had a soccer game that night.

Time for Presents! Thanks everyone, we love everything! Toys, Clothes, and auntie Alyse took him to get his 1 year old pictures taken which turned out awesome! (will post later)

Shaurelle, shae and whit

Time to have your cake and throw it too.

I think he took one bite.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stop Eating DIRT!!!

Ok so I am a dumb first time mom who didn't think about having plants in the house with a baby. Now that he is walking he is in the dirt every chance he can get. When I shout "NO, NO" to him, he knows, and he starts throwing the dirt out of the pot even faster. What a punk.

The worst part is he always has a ring of dirt around his mouth every time I catch him. He actually likes it I think.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Fun

September...a time of birthdays. So we celebrated my two niece's birthdays(Whitney on the left and Bailee right) at Red Lobster up in Salt Lake (that's where Bailee lives)

Owen looking so sweet and innocent, just moments before he decides to knock my tall glass of lemon ice water, on his cousin Shae, sitting right next to him. That was fun.

Pix on Sunday at the Visitor Center. We went to see the Joseph Smith Movie. We were only able to watch 20 minutes or so before Owen decided that It was time to go walking...again.

Owen made it up the long inclined ramp to the Christos all by himself .

Owen and Grandpa Gardner

Condo life in Park City with the Fam. Full House.

Early to bed...Early to rise. We got up early (because we had no choice) and went for a morning walk on Sat. and Sun., which Owen loves.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Owen is Walking!

A few weeks ago, Owen got over all of his insecurities and is finally walking all by himself! I thought I was going to be a hunch back for the rest of my life, two and a half months of that felt like an eternity.

For Labor Day we went to Las Vegas! It was a lot of fun in the sun! We read by the pool, went to the V show, went to breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course shopping! We missed Owen, but it was definately a much needed break.