Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Twin is Having Twins!

YEAH!! My sister is Having twins! It is all so surreal. These are her first babies so I guess it's good, because she won't know what's coming:) We are super Excited for these twin cousins and can't wait to find out the sexes, which is 8 long weeks away. Her due date isn't until May 31, but If she doesn't have them by the 10th, she will be induced! Go Mommy Alyse!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My New HAIR SALON Grand Opening!

Yeah! I am EXTREAMLY excited about my new hair salon that I have opened in my House! New Salon, New Area, means I am looking for some New CLIENTS!! To Celebrate my Fabulous new SALON, I am offering some great specials!
Ladies and Gentlemen come on in and get a FREE, yes FREE haircut! New clients only. Offer expires 1/30/09. (located in the P.G./A.F. area). Book your appt. now, so you will look amazing for the Holiday's. Mention this blog post and any questions or comments to

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Calling all FRAGRANCE lovers!

Tis the season for finding your holiday gifts, and why not save a little cash in the process? If anyone is interested, (even if you come across this blog and I don't know you) my mom sells fragrance for a living and can get most fragrances for half of the retail price. Men's and women's Burberry, Escada, Dolce and Gabana, Bulgari, Kenzo, Hanae Mori, Pink Sugar and much more. (Yes they are the real thing) If anyone is interested, you need to send in your requests to Deniece at, by no later than November 24th, so she can ensure holiday delivery!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween Week!

Grandma and Grandpa Gardner's Halloween Party!

Grandma and Grandpa Gardner dressed up as Latinos, hence the Pinata.

We decorated sugar cookies. I didn't though because I already ate way too many at home when I was baking them.

Senor and Senortia Gardner

Jackson the Tiger and Jonny the Clown

Joan, Alisha, Jon, Jack, and Lane

The Callaway family, you might recognize them as the cast from the movie "Mama Mia"

The Keith fam staring from the movie Star Wars

Bobbing for Apples! Owen just walked right up and took him self an apple straight out of the bucket. It didn't matter how wet he would get, as long as he got that apple, which is his new obsession since I've had apples stocked in the house.

Jack and Owen running around the yard.

Grandma and Grandpa Tracy's Halloween Party! Here we all are in our lovely costumes!

First we have R.J. and Aiden (he was a serious Batman)

Next we have Posh and David Beckham, Dracula, a dead cheerleader, and a drama Gothic chic.

Then we have the Grim Reaper, the Super Nanny (who looks more like an Amish woman), and Rocky!

Hugh Hefner and his bunny made an appearance to the party

Also came the scary skeleton, the Pimp and his girl, the sweet little princess and a cheerleader (who was not dead)

Here we are back as Mickey Mouse, Napoleon and Deb!

My mom made brisket sandwiches with salad, chips and salsa, brains (crab cream cheese ball with cocktail sauce shaped like a brain) "Deviled" eggs and other stuff. We all got to keep our cool skeleton Goblets, which were filled with a skeleton Limeade drink that alyse made!

After the kids went on a treasure hunt, they did a Cake Walk that Owen Loved! He followed the kids around in a circle clapping and dancing to the music!

Owen is becoming spoiled with his bottles topped with Egg Nog, dad's drink of choice for his little guy.


My cute neighbor who lives down the street from us, invited us to their Halloween Party. She loves, loves, loves Halloween! She was such a great host! She baked all kinds of cute "themed" foods, like blood (chicken), Fingers (bread sticks) a mummy (cheese shaped mummy), someones ribs (ribs), Brains (pile of shrimp) and other stuff. Someone brought this sick looking, (yet very creative) kitty litter cake.

Hey Napoleon and Deb are there! We won the "funniest costume" award.

Marianne and Clint, the hosts of the party!

We played "Fear Factor", there were some pretty interesting food items on the menu. The Incredibles weren't so incredible at this game. They ate a lot of strange things. We only had to eat scabs and brains on the last round. Not bad for eight rounds.

Monday, October 20, 2008

BiG SeXy HaIR ShOw!

My really good friend from hair school, Nicole, and I went to the Big Sexy Hair cutting class today! There were lots and lots of hair products! (the best, was our take home bag of hair product goodies) We learned a new sixties inspired "Twiggy" cropped hair-cut. It was a fun day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks Auntie Alyse!!!

These are pictures from Owen's recent photo shoot! When I went away to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend, my twin sis Alyse, stole Owen for a few hours and took him to get his 1 year old birthday pictures taken! Thanks Autie Alyse! We Love You, You ROCK!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Happy Birthday Owen! I can't believe my baby is already a year old. Time goes by too fast. We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party! I dressed him up as Mickey, he was so adorable!

My Mom and I made the cakes, which took forever.

Grandpa T. and Ow

Daddy and Owen

The Party People, dining on pizza, salad and breadsticks

Alisha & Jack, Joan, Bode
Brooke, Ruby, Lonnie and Grandma G.

Lane and O

Cousins: Braxton, Jackson, Bailee, Baby Jackson, Whitney, Shae, Brinlee
Owen, Daisy, Ruby at top, Andre, Aiden and Bode. We were so sad that cousin Annie had a soccer game that night.

Time for Presents! Thanks everyone, we love everything! Toys, Clothes, and auntie Alyse took him to get his 1 year old pictures taken which turned out awesome! (will post later)

Shaurelle, shae and whit

Time to have your cake and throw it too.

I think he took one bite.