Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last week we went to St. George with Danny's family! They rented a house that had an air hockey table, that Jackson and Owen dominated while we were there. It was so cute to hear them say things to each other like "Nice, Jackson" and "Nice, Owen" as they hit the puck back and forth to each other.

We went swimming with the Callaway's on Monday since we all stayed an extra day. We found this mini water park that the kids played in for a while.

The house we stayed at had a pool with a small diving board. Owen was very adventurous on this trip!

Owen's cousins Annie, Daisy and Bode were jumping off of the rocks and into the water. Owen did not want to miss out so he made his dad do it with him.
Later at the pool Owen slammed his head on the concrete. We realized on the beginning of our drive home when he started vomiting and vomiting that he may have a concussion. His pediatrician told us to stop at the nearest ER, which was in Fillmore to get him checked out. He had a CT scan and luckily nothing serious had occurred. It was a rough rest of the ride home with Owen vomiting every so often, but we were definitely blessed that things weren't worse.

My friend Stacey and I took our boys to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Surprisingly Owen was afraid of the cows, horses, sheep and most of the animals. I didn't even attempt to take him on the pony ride since he was being so funny. So maybe next year...

After a day of checking out the animals sure made us hungry. Yummy fry sauce! Who needs french fries, right Owen?