Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Girl Names

I still have 3 months to think of a name for this baby girl. Currently she is nameless. I have come up with a few things, but nothing that I am just absolutely loving. Does anyone have any Fabulous, kindof Original names, but nothing too weird? Chances are if you do have a fabulous name, you are holding on to it for your future child. I understand. My husband is not a big fan of giving a girl a boys name. I on the other hand I don't mind. Here are a few of the names, please feel free to vote on your most favorite from my current selection.


Brand N' Kys said...

I love Harper... in fact if you don't use it, I think I will store that in my name bin for future use. haha. I thought you guys loved Siena? It is such a pretty name. Or did it get tainted for you? Anyways I like Harper a lot too!

deemom said...

When girls are given unusual names they love it when they are old enough to understand what makes them special. I have always loved the name Grace. Grace Gardner would sound lovely


Al, I have always thought loralee was beautiful! haha jk
okay for reals I think Gracie Gardner is precious, also I think Gabby is super cute. Go with the double G's

Callaway Family Fun said...

Have you completely ruled out Petunia? Just kidding, I can't wait to meet her and see what you guys decide!!!