Saturday, October 24, 2009


Has anyone else gotten in touch with their frugal side and tried couponing like I have? I must say at first, I felt like a cheap O! But now I absolutely LOVE it! My mom has always raised me as a "bargain shopper", but I never really thought about doing it with groceries. The deals that you can find, and free stuff you can get will definitely keep me couponing for life!! Some of my favorite sites to check out are and If you are new to couponing it does take some time to figure out, but hang in there. You are basically combining your coupon with the item you want goes on sale in the ads. The more coupons you have the more stuff you can stockpile. I would love to help anyone with questions, and would love to hear some comments from anyone's deals.
If you are not into couponing and you get the Sunday paper, I would love to take your coupon inserts off of your hands!


Zach & Lizzy said...

I am coupon guru as well! I felt so cheap at first as well, but I love it! You can save so much! I usually keep mine in a small little acordian like file folder. How do you organize yours?

Lance and Becky said...

I love coupons, and I've never used these sites, thanks Al! I just did a ride along with Lance tonight, we so should've stopped by. He is now working part-time and doing his other job as well, so we will for sure stop by next time I come :) Love ya!